Happy Thanksgiving – and I’m thankful for YOU!

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KVL12On this Thanksgiving Day, there's a lot to reflect upon. Family, friends, the blessings (or the crisis) the year has brought us. I've always been the type of person who tries to find the positive in things. That comes from years of living paycheck to paycheck when I had to be grateful that I had what I needed - and tried not to be sad for what I wanted that I didn't have. Most years, I couldn't really afford a Christmas tree. One year, I bought a small potted one and just used that. Those were the  years of determining what was really important in life and what really mattered. I had my health, my kids were healthy, I had a roof over my head, a car that worked, and food in the cabinets. I was very grateful for those things.

These days, through very hard work and a bit of luck, I can

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Kat again 2015 2I am officially an official person now - check out my Wikipedia article! It's bare bones now but it will be growing with some good facts and information about my books and links and such. Very exciting news!

Kathryn Le Veque on Wikipedia

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Highland Wishes: Four Holiday Inspired Novellas

November 20, 2015 NewsNovel Blog  2 comments

HIghland Wishes flatHighland Wishes launches today! See how a tragic legend of two lovers inspires four fabulous holiday themed novellas. Glynnis Campbell, Suzan Tisdale, Emma Prince, and Hildie McQueen have written four lovely stories to get you in the holiday mood.  Pick up your copy of this NEW MATERIAL collection! Only .99 cents on Amazon for a limited time, so don't miss this great price!


Highland Wishes on Amazon

Highland Wishes on iBooks

Highland Wishes on Barnes and Noble

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De Wolfe Pack World Author Hop!

November 20, 2015 NewsNovel Blog  3 comments

KathrynLeVeque_DeWolfePack_Banner6It's time for a fantastic author's hop with de Wolfe Pack Kindle Worlds authors!!

Follow these instructions for chances to win some fabulous prizes!!

Here are the author's website to hop to:

1) Elizabeth Rose                  9) Eliza Knight

2) Kathryn Le Veque         10) Lana Williams

3) Victoria Vane                 11) Barbara Devlin

4) Christina McKnight       12) Amanda Mariel

5) Anna Markland               13)

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The latest and greatest

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KathrynLeVeque_DeWolfePack_Banner6It's been almost a week since SWORDS AND SHIELDS released and the reception from readers has been amazing. I'm so incredibly grateful for the positive reviews and the generally excellent response. This book is particularly special to me because it really emphasizes family bonds as well as the romance.  A Medieval 'functional' family as opposed to a 'dysfunctional' one. Thank you so much to my readers for loving the book and I hope you're sharing it with your friends so they can (hopefully) love it, too!

Also, don't forget about the WORLD OF DE WOLFE PACK on Kindle Worlds. There are 16 great novellas to read there, so you'll want to pick a few up. I was so fortunate to have so many talented author friends help me launch it, so please hop over to Kindle Worlds and pick up some copies.

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swords and shields 2015 USAMy latest Medieval Romance, SWORDS AND SHIELDS, is finally here! This is a fabulous romantic epic centering around Drake de Winter (son of Davyss de Winter of LESPADA) and the bride he was forced to wed. I had a great time writing this and really got attached to the characters, so I hope that's a sign that you're going to love it, too!

Norwich Castle is heavily involved in this novel, which is a good thing considering my daughter lives in Norwich. She's a student at the university there. She took many pictures and sent them to me during the course of writing this novel, but I also did a lot of other research on the structure because when I write about something, it's very important to me to have the details down to the stone used to built it.  Having written about it once before in

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A new bundle for only .99 cents – don’t miss this one!

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MMG Cover fullDon't miss my latest bundle for only .99 cents - this is one of my better bundles as of late. MEDIEVAL MASTERS OF GALLANTRY contains Scorpion, Beast, Netherworld, and To The Lady Born, so make sure to get your copy before this bundle is gone!

Medieval Masters of Gallantry on Amazon

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Kathryn Le Veque’s World of de Wolfe Pack is here!!

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KathrynLeVeque_DeWolfePack_Banner6Kindle Worlds has finally rolled out my fan fiction site, the WORLD OF DE WOLFE PACK and I couldn't be more thrilled!

What a great journey this has been. Already, my world has 16 of some of the best books you'll find, anywhere, so click on the link below and scroll down to the "New and Popular" list. There, you'll see several historical romance and contemporary romance authors from my world - Eliza Knight, Violetta Rand, Scarlett Cole, Christy English, Christina McKnight, Anna Markland, Lana Williams, Elizabeth Rose, Victoria Vane, Barbara Devlin, Hildie McQueen, Catherine Kean, Amanda Mariel, Meara Platt, and Victoria Zak.  Wow!! And such great stories - keep in mind that these are novellas, so they're shorter than big reads, but just as action-packed, wonderful, and passionate.  Pick

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