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the fountain high resLook what's live in Bella Andre/Lucy Kevin's world: THE WEDDING FOUNTAIN. Hot construction worker whose secret life was as a CIA assassin, a beautiful young widow, and a sweet little French Bulldog named Stanley. Check out this story, which I am absolutely in love with. I had such a great time writing it because it's set in my hometown of Pasadena, California, and I know these neighborhoods. I went through the Pasadena Unified School District so I knew kids that lived on nearly every street in the city.  It's such a wonderful city and even though I might live in another town these days, Pasadena is still 'home' for me.  But this story in particular is just fun - it's got a lot of humor and a great twist, so even if you don't like contemporary romance, I think you'll like this one. Give it

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SHADOWMOOR is almost here!!

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KathrynLeVeque_Shadwomoor_800The next installment of the de Lohr Dynasty will be here on Thursday and I'm SUPER excited to get it out to you. This book is a little different- it's really so much more about personal growth and evolution that accompany a romantic story line. Great bad guy in it - a man you  totally love to hate - and then there's Daniel de Lohr, our hero, who is a man of truly amazing character. He start out as kind of a reluctant savior but he really grows into the role. And, of course, David de Lohr and Christopher de Lohr make an appearance, and I'll give you a hint... David is very sick in this story.  Will he live to see the end of it? You'd better reserve your copy and make sure you find out because you know I've been known to kill people off unexpectedly. Just sayin'....  You know my motto:

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Lords of the Borders boxed set only .99 cents!

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lords of the borders high resThis is a good one, folks. Seven of your favorite historical romance authors have banded together for a multi-genre set you're just going to LOVE. Don't miss adding this one to your library - and for only .99 cents, it's a STEAL!! (And look at that cover!! Talk about old-school gorgeous!!)

Lords of the Borders on Amazon

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Changes in Facebook policies and other things

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KathrynLeVeque_Shadwomoor_800As much as I love Facebook, they're changing the way people can share posts. Essentially, unless I'm a 'verified' page, all I can do is share my branded content, which is very tough when you're cross promoting other authors. That's really essential to what we, as authors, do - we help spread the word about other authors' releases.  It's a big part of our marketing and helping each other  out, and I'm all about helping out other authors. It's important to share readership. Therefore, because of Facebook's new policies, you'll be seeing more cross promotion on my website.  I mean, who doesn't want to know about great new books and sales? As always, I will never bombard you, but you will be seeing other authors turn up on my blog -  and now you know why. I don't want you to miss out!

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Ever My Love: The Lore of the Lucius Ring is live for pre-order!

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EverMyLoveTheLoreoftheLuciusRing2DBundle_HRI can't tell you how excited I am about this collection. It's the sequel to original multi-genre romance collection WITH DREAMS ONLY OF YOU: The Legend of the Theodosia Sword, the USA Today bestselling collection from 2015.  Most of the same "Dreams Team" is back for a second round, but unfortunately, we had to say farewell to a few of the authors because of prior commitments.  We were able to bring in three new and fantastic authors to round out the collection in NYT Bestsellers Cheryl Bolen, Susan Stoker, and Sabrina York. Talk about heavy hitters! We're so, so happy to have their talents!!

If you read WDOOY (and I hope you did!), then you know that the stories followed the Theodosia Sword, and it's curse, as it was passed down through the de Reyne family.  EML follows much the same

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Two Free books this week!

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Looking for a freebie- Look no further!I don't run free books too often but when I do, I really want you to take advantage of it. This week, I've got TWO running free -

The Gorgon

The Gorgon free on Amazon

The Thunder Lord

The Thunder Lord free on Amazon

These books actually tie into each other so you have no excuse not to read them now! With a free price tag, everyone can afford it!


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Ind’Tale’s RONE award voting starts this week!

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2This is the week that has five of my novels up for a RONE award. I'm so proud of each and every one of them - Scorpion, The Thunder Warrior, The Thunder Knight, Walls of Babylon, and The Lion of the North. Wow!! I'm just so incredibly honored! But, it's a tough choice to pick just one, at least for me (like picking your favorite child). However, since I can only choose one to go to the next round, my choice would be The Lion of the North.  If you haven't yet voted for this round of the RONEs, and I know there are so many great authors nominated in my category, please consider voting for The Lion of the North. Give Atticus and Isobeau their due with a little 'nod'.

Even if you don't vote for TLOTN, please just VOTE. So many great authors up for the nomination - Amy Jarecki, Claire

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FREE book!

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KathrynLeVeque_Lespada_HRYep, everyone likes a free book. Who can blame them? This week, LESPADA is FREE!

I love everything about this book. It was so much fun to write, especially in the opening wedding scene. I sat and giggled through the whole thing. My husband thought I was nuts. The book is a lot of fun but it's also a very serious love story, so I hope you get your free copy and let your friends know that I've got a free book offering this week. I always love to share sales with my readers!

Get Lespada here:

Lespada on Amazon

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