New limited edition boxed set!

October 14, 2014 Novel Blog  No comments

Publication3Another .99 boxed set!! Now you can own MEDIEVAL MASTER WARRIORS for a very special limited price! Contained in this collection is: The Warrior Poet, Valiant Chaos, The Falls of Erith, and Tender is the Knight. This will only be available for about a month, so grab your copy! Even if you have two or three of the books in the collection, it's still a good price at .99 cents for the one book you don't have!!

Share, share, share!!

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The Dark Lord is .99 cents today ONLY!

October 10, 2014 New ReleasesNovel Blog  No comments

dark lord cover 2014 use thisIn celebration of the release of Devil's Dominion, THE DARK LORD (which has a big bearing on this book) is on sale for only .99 cents TODAY ONLY, so make sure you share this and get your copy NOW!! If you read The Dark Lord, and then Devil's Dominion, you will TOTALLY get everything!! Share, share, share!!

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Devil’s Dominion is almost here!

October 8, 2014 New ReleasesNovel Blog  No comments

Dominion cover 2014 new aDevil's Dominion will be here in three days so make sure you  have your .99 cent copy reserved! The price goes up after launch, so make sure you get in on the good price! My editor calls this book one of my better ones, and I truly hope so. It was a tough story to write because the hero, Bretton de Llion, is very damaged through no real fault of his own. Life in Medieval times was tough, tougher for kids. Redemption for Bretton is not going to come easy, so this book is, if nothing else, engrossing. I hope you will enjoy it!!

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I’ve been booked for a radio show!

September 30, 2014 Novel Blog  No comments

Totebag 2Exciting news! I have been booked for a radio interview on The Romance Bookmark Radio show for November 4th!! I'm truly thrilled about this as author Renee Bernard will be having me as her guest. Here's the link for the general program, but as the day draws closer, I'll post the link for my show. I hope you'll all listen in! I tend to be kind of animated, and loud, and funny, so things could get CRAZY!!

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Audible Sale 9/29!

September 30, 2014 EventsNovel Blog  No comments

LKB Crown clear1112Right now, Audible (the audiobook branch of Amazon) has about half of my audiobook library on sale, so run on over and stock up on audibooks for only $1.99 each! Audible runs these sales at random, and don't tell me when they do, so when I see them I definitely want to pass along the information because I don't know how long the sales will last. My latest audiobooks are THE WHITE LORD OF WELLESBORNE narrated by the fabulous Brad Wills, and THE EDEN FACTOR narrated by the lovely Leslie Wadsworth.

Head on over and get yourself some great audiobooks at a great price! Click on the link or just go to and run a search for Kathryn Le Veque.


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Announcing Medieval Master Knights collection!

September 11, 2014 New ReleasesNovel Blog

cover mmkI have a BIG surprise for everyone - US, UK, Canada, Australia, and everyone else. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY....

The MEDIEVAL MASTER KNIGHTS COLLECTION is now available on Amazon!

Four big Le Veque novels in one collection for ONLY .99 cents. In this collection you will find:

The Legend
The Gorgon
Great Protector
The Darkland

Get your copy before it's gone and spread the news so your friends can get a copy, too!!

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The Author Biz

September 4, 2014 Novel Blog

LKB Crown clear1112I have to tell you... I've worked in a lot of industries in my life. I started out working in a dental office as an assistant and then moved into real estate, property management, business management, medical management, construction, and finally sales management. I've worked with and for a lot of really questionable people, but I've also worked with a lot of people who were truly good and dedicated. You get all kinds in any industry. But I have to say that since I've moved into writing full time, I have met and worked with so many wonderful authors who are incredibly willing to give advice and help you along the way.  Some of these women have become dear and close friends of mine, and I trust them implicitly.  It never ceases to amaze me how Indie authors are so willing to tell you what

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In September, I’ll be giving away a KINDLE!

August 29, 2014 EventsNew Releases

Kindle giveaway Sept 2014I want to show my thanks to my readers and because of that, September will bring great things - including a giveaway on my Facebook page where the top prize will be a KINDLE! Sound awesome? Then head on over to my Facebook author's page on September 1 and check out my 'giveaway' tab for more information on how to enter and how to win!


Happy reading!!



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