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The Warrior Poet (The St. John and de Gare Clans)

Published Date: September 9, 2016

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1266 A.D. – A family feud has existed between the House of de Gare and the House of St. John for over seventy years. The feud has seen Eden Castle, home to the St. John’s, grow stronger while Castle Winding Cross, lair of the de Gare clan, suffers. Furthermore, the House of St. John has bred the most fearsome warrior in the north of England, a powerful knight known throughout the land as the Demon of Eden. Christian St. John is the culmination of decades of fine breeding and training, a master of the knighthood. When Christian launches what he hopes will be the final attack against Winding Cross to end the long-running feud once and for all, the de Gares are cunning enough to avoid complete destruction. Furious, Christian’s father orders his son to breach the sanctity of the convent where the de Gare heiress has been hiding. The Demon is able to violate the convent and capture his quarry, but not without a fight.

The Lady Gaithlin de Gare does not go easily with the Demon. A big woman with long legs and long blond hair, she too has long been taught to hate the House of St. John. Christian escapes to the north with his combative captive and it is a long-running battle that takes them well into Scotland where Christian will hold the woman, demanding the complete surrender of her family’s home in exchange for her life.

Gaithlin doesn’t make Christian’s life easy at first; she fights him furiously, unwilling to be a submissive prisoner. But the more times that passes, the more she comes to ease her combative stance and realize that Christian St. John is no ordinary knight; beneath the terrible reputation lurks the heart and soul of a poet. The more she comes to know that side to him, and his secret desire for peace, the more her defenses go down. The Demon is not at all what she had been told; he is a man of intelligence and wit, with a beautiful gift for prose. The warrior is indeed a true warrior-poet in every sense of the word. A man of peace lurks beyond the fearsome façade.

Join Christian and Gaithlin as they succumb to searing passion, torn between loyalties and long-standing hatred. As their families turn against them and Christian must face his warring family and answer for his crime of falling in love with the enemy, help and understanding come from the most unexpected of places. From the green forests of Cumbria to the wilds of Galloway, share Christian and Gaithlin’s adventures of murder, betrayal, love, understanding, and of new beginnings.


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