New Releases

STEELHEART is available for pre-order!

Finally!! I know you have been waiting for this and here it is – STEELHEART is available for pre order for a February 9 release! David de Lohr’s story is gonna be EPIC!! Get it here: Steelheart on Amazon

The Lion of the North has been released!

Happy Release Day to The Lion of the North! If you didn’t pre-order your copy, now you can purchase it and read it immediately. The book hasn’t even been out for eight hours yet and already readers are raving about…
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Two June Releases!

June is here and I’ve got two big releases coming – SCORPION on June 12 and WITH DREAMS ONLY OF YOU on June 23.  They’re both in pre order right now and I’ve had many readers tell me that they…
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Let’s show SCORPION some love

Poor Scorpion… the book has been through a lot lately. A vanishing cover, then vanishing altogether, and it has suffered as a result. Momentum, once broken, is hard to regain. That being said. please show SCORPION some love by reserving…
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The Scorpion Saga

Wow….has SCORPION  been a saga and it hasn’t even been released yet! Issue #1 – Amazon arbitrarily removed the cover and it took me two days to find out why. This was about a week after it was put up…
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