New Releases

LORD OF LIGHT is available for Kindle pre-order

My next release, LORD OF LIGHT, is available for Kindle pre-order as we speak! Pre-order your copy so you have it in your Kindle the day of the release; instant gratification!  Follow this link and ORDER!!   Happy…
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Updated release list for 2014

Check out the “Release Dates” page on my website for a newly updated list of novels coming in 2014.  The list is still being populated, but you’ll want to check out what’s coming.  New and exciting things including a surprise…
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What’s New for November

While I won’t have a new release for November, I released TWO novels in October, so there’s lot to read for November.   THE FALLEN ONE is doing awesomely on the Medieval Romance charts and EVENSHADE is getting rave reviews. If…
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