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In The Dreaming Hour

Let me tell you a little about this story… I’ve been sitting on it for several months. I don’t normally do that with a book, but this one was special. This book, maybe more than any book I’ve ever written, came straight from the heart. It is a deeply personal book for me, a story that really demanded to be told. I will be honest – I had a publisher tell me that ‘now’s not the right time for this book’, but I beg to differ. Out of all the books I have written, this has to be my favorite one. I am in love with everything about it, so I decided to publish it.

This is not a historical romance. It’s a contemporary romance, but it’s also a piece of literary fiction. It’s kind of a mix. Everyone who has read it said they couldn’t put it down, so if there is one book of mine I would ask you to read this year, it would be this one. Even if you don’t like contemporary romance – read it. I can’t stress how much I hope you’re going to like it. If you don’t like it, return it and get your money back. I really mean that. But if you do like it, I hope you’ll say so. Make sure you read the book description carefully before deciding to purchase it – the description says it all.

IN THE DREAMING HOUR is finally here.