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Island of Glass (The Dragonblade Trilogy)

1333 A.D. – The lovely and educated Lady Aubrielle Grace di Witney is what is
kindly termed an unmanageable woman. Her uncle, the Earl of Wrexham, has been
awarded custody of his niece because her mother can no longer handle the
head-strong beauty. Like a coward, the earl abdicates his duties to his most
powerful knight, Sir Kenneth St. Héver with the instructions to transform her
into a submissive lady. Aubrielle and Kenneth are at odds from the onset;
Kenneth expects obedience and Aubrielle is less than compliant. When the battles
die down and a strange, wonderful comfort settles, Kenneth comes to discover
that Aubrielle is a lady with a secret. Because of this secret, her mother is
murdered and Kenneth finds himself protecting Aubrielle because he wants to, not
because he has been ordered to. Mysterious sects and a crazed warrior want the
lady dead for different reasons. It soon becomes a test to Kenneth’s cunning and
knightly skills to keep his beloved Aubrielle alive.