It’s a Book Bundle Bonanza in Kindle Unlimited!

Have Kindle Unlimited? Then I need everybody to run over and read these bundles in KU!!!!!

Soooo many books! Soooo much romance!!

Boxed sets like mine are the BEST deal in Kindle Unlimited because if you borrow one – there’s four or five books for the ‘price’ of one. KU lets you borrow up to ten books at a time, but with my bundles, you can borrow eight bundles and get 32 books total!!! (four books per bundle). See what a GREAT deal these are in Kindle Unlimited??

Start reading!! Even if you’ve read the books before, you can still re-read them in a bundle in Kindle Unlimited – and it won’t cost you a thing (other than your subscription)! They’re also for sale, but if you have a KU subscription, then you can just read them all under that subscription – and save so much money. With today’s economy, I’m all about helping my readers save money!

Such a great deal!! Many of these sets are about to go away, so don’t wait – go forth and READ today!!

The Darkest Heroes:

Lords and Lions:

Knight Takes Queen:

Holiday Knights:

Brides and Knights:

Brides of the Marches:

Brides of England:

Holiday Brides:

Nunnery Brides:

The Red Highlanders:

Warrior Brides:

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