Please find me on my NEW blog site!

Please find me on my new blogsite from now on –

There, you’ll find daily updates on what I’m doing and what I’m writing. Plus, I have an app available soon for Iphone so you can receive all of my latest updates and releases right to your Iphone or Ipad.

I will no longer be updating my Goodreads blog, so please click on the link above to find all things current on Kathryn Le Veque.

Happy Reading!

posted by Kathryn Le Veque
on January, 30


  1. rozzie

    Just LOVE the new site!!! In agreement with everyone such classy lord and ladies here plus another way to chat with ye!!!

  2. lindam

    Very classy…. perfect site for a beautiful lady…. and no sharks swarming;)

    1. kathryn LeVeque (Post author)

      We strive for classy, don’t we?! No sharks in this tank, baby!

  3. liloshadow

    Loving the new site! Ahhhhhhhhh It’s like we can breathe easier here…

    1. kathryn LeVeque (Post author)

      Take a deep breath… smells like good people and good reading over here…….

  4. MR

    Can we post pictures on this blog?

    1. kathryn LeVeque (Post author)

      No pictures on this blog. Let’s stick to the Amazon blog for chatting and on this blog, I’ll just be posting updates and other stuff for my ‘other’ readers :). This one is just updates for the masses.

  5. MR

    Oops I forgot to refresh and get your answers.I do like this site. Is it more secure? As in can we be ourselves?

    1. kathryn LeVeque (Post author)

      You are ALWAYS encouraged to be yourself, MR. I wouldn’t want you any other way.

  6. kathryn LeVeque (Post author)

    This post came over from Goodreads, referring to this site. So if you are here, you are on the correct site!

  7. MR

    I thought this was the new site?

    1. kathryn LeVeque (Post author)

      It IS the new site! Like it?!

  8. MR

    I’m looking fer ye!

    1. kathryn LeVeque (Post author)

      I’m here!

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