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Release date for THE FALLEN ONE has changed

Unfortunately, the release date for THE FALLEN ONE has been pushed back to October 14.  I’m so sorry to disappoint you, but the book needed some re-writes and due to my travel schedule this month, it’s going to be virtually impossible to release it on October 8.  We’ve discussed this before – I don’t want to rush a book to get it out. I want to make sure it’s the best book I can write with quality I am proud of, so to be safe, I am pushing back the release date.  It is entirely possible it could be released before October 14th, but I’m giving myself a safe margin.  If it is released before that date, you can be certain I’ll announce it loud and proud here.

Don’t worry – it will be TOTALLY worth the wait! Would I disappoint you?! Mathias will be WELL worth it, I promise.

Keep calm and read on!