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Sheild of Kronos and The Nutcracker Reimagined Collection – a tie-in!

I’ve got some really cool news to share about two of my coming releases!

First off, SHIELD OF KRONOS is coming September 7 and it’s going to be a whopper of a romance. It’ll be the kind of book you finish reading and go “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!” (with appropriate sighing and heart fluttering). One of those. Just so dang sweet and romantic (but there are the expected battles and fights in it, so don’t worry! lol). Once I finished the book, however, I felt that any epilogue would diminish the impact of the ending, because it really ends with a bang, so in a move that is unusual for me, I decided not to do an epilogue.

-However – !!

I am writing a novella for a Christmas set, releasing in October, called THE NUTCRACKER REIMAGINED. As I was plotting the novella, I got the idea of using a secondary character from SHIELD OF KRONOS as my heroine for my Christmas novella. Better still? She’s the daughter of Val and Vesper de Nerra (VESTIGES OF VALOR), and the story just took off from there, so my novella – titled REALM OF ANGELS – is really a big epilogue to SHIELD OF KRONOS because the hero of SHIELD OF KRONOS does make an appearance and you learn what has happened after the book ended.

It’s all super, super cool, so make sure you pick up both of these tales – SHIELD OF KRONOS and also THE NUTCRACKER REIMAGINED Collection, so you can read both the story and the very long epilogue! The individual novel – Sheild of Kronos – and the set that the novella is in (Nutcracker Reimagined) are only .99 cents, so for under $2, you’re going to get a TON of awesome reading.

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest favorite platform and click away!!




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  • susanleisy
    Posted August 23, 2017 at 7:41 am

    Loving the novellas but ready for big epic of a novel full of warriors, history and romance!!!! Please oh please

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