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Spectre of the Sword

1203 A.D. – Our heroine is the illegitimate daughter of Geoffrey, Duke of
Brittany. The Lady Elizabeau Treveighan was sent to foster at a very young age,
her identity known only to a herself and the earl who fostered her. When her
half-brother Prince Arthur is murdered and rumors begin to fly that the
opposition to King John intends to marry her to a Teutonic prince and supplant
her and her new husband as the rulers of England, she suddenly becomes a very
hot, and very dangerous, commodity. Enter our hero. Sir Rhys du Bois is charged
with keeping Elizabeau safe until her arranged marriage can occur, but the task
turns into one of monumental proportions. It’s one harrowing flight after
another as Rhys tries to keep Elizabeau from harm’s way. Somewhere in the
process, they fall madly in love with each other and the knight finds himself
battling duty and love in order to stay on task. Torn, but with a tremendous
sense of duty, he cannot escape the feelings that are swamping him, and
Elizabeau does not make it easy for him. Her love for him supersedes her loyalty
to her country, and to a family name that has only meant heartache for her. When
Elizabeau is finally captured by the king’s men and slated for execution under
the charge of treason, Rhys will risk everything to save her from the
executioner’s sword. However, Rhys is betrayed by another knight and soon, he
too is slated for the executioner’s axe. As Rhys and Elizabeau face death
together, allies come together for a covert operation that will save both their
lives. It’s a race against time before King John’s men can execute the last
legitimate heiress to the throne and her protector turned lover