St. Valentine’s Day Hop with Sir David de Lohr

Lady Kathryn has permitted me to take over her ‘hop’ for this ‘post’ – although I have no idea what that means. Still, I pride myself on being flexible and understanding, so on with this missive –

My name is Sir David de Lohr. If that does not mean anything to you, it should. I am the brother of the Earl of Hereford and Worcester, and I have earned a name for myself in the great quest with our glorious king, Richard.  The story of my life, STEELHEART, has recently been put to the quill.  I have been asked to supply you with the answers to the following questions:


What is your strength?

Strength? Everything is my strength. A foolish question.

What is your weakness?

Irrelevant. I have none. But if I did, which I do not, it would be a dish called a sambocade. Quite delicious. A custard tart, as it were.
What would you like to get on Valentine’s Day?
I have no knowledge of this holiday. Is it part of the Michaelmas and Christmas cycle? Wait… Lady Kathryn is telling me that it is a holiday for lovers. That being the case, I will not tell you what I would like to get. I will only tell my wife, Emilie, as such things should only come from her. I am, however, fond of good horses. A gift of a horse would not be turned away.
What would be your perfect date?
I know not what this is… wait… Lady Kathryn tells me it is an appointment between two people who are fond of one another. See my answer above. Only my wife shall know of such things but if I were to speculate, I would mayhap like to spend a day fishing with her. There is a lake near our home and to fish with my wife in peace would be a great pleasure.
What are you giving the heroine for Valentine’s Day?
Quite clearly, this is none of your affair what I will give my wife on this occasion. Wait… Lady Kathryn tells me that this is all in fun, so I must answer… that being the case, I will gift her with something glorious from the Street of the Jewelers in London. She is fond of rubies, so mayhap something with a ruby.
Now, Lady Kathryn has asked me to relay to you the prize we will give for this event. The person who can answer the following question FIRST (that is, the first to post it) shall receive a copy of my life story, STEELHEART, signed by both Lady Kathryn AND me. It is rare that I give my seal, but on this occasion, I shall.  Now, the question:
What is my father’s name? (if you have read my brother’s life story, RISE OF THE DEFENDER, then you shall know this)
Again, the first person to post the correct answer shall win the prize.  NEW NOTE AS OF 2/7/16 –  Lady Kathryn has decided that she will give four additional copies to those who post the correct answer – and they shall be chosen at random, so if you have the correct answer, please post for your chance to win!
Best of luck!
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  1. Michelle Willms

    Myles de Lohr was his name.

  2. hibouperch

    I believe it is Myles de Lohr

  3. Debbie

    Myles de Lohr

  4. Carolyn Hughes

    Even though I first saw this at 5:45 a.m. EST, someone beat me to the punch. But, that’s how we Kathryn Le Veque fans are. Right on top of things. 🙂 David and Christopher de Lohr’s father was Myles de Lohr. Just like David to respond to the questions posed in that fashion. Can’t wait for the book!

  5. kaisquared4

    Myles de Lohr was Christopher’s father

    1. kaisquared4

      And David’s of course

  6. Nicole Laverdure

    Sir Christopher de Lohr is Sir David’s father!

    1. Nicole Laverdure

      oops, Christopher was David’s brother, but Myles, was his father!

  7. cbjake

    Myles de Lohr (I’m posting now even tho it’s not the 7th but this already hit my email)

    1. cbjake

      I am having issn’t with my wordpress account. If I win please email me at 🙂

  8. Judith ABBOTT


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