The Crimson Shield pre order is here!

My July 2023 pre order has arrived – the first Executioner Knights book of the year – THE CRIMSON SHIELD! Yay!!!

Check out the blurb. This is a GOOD one:

He’s an Executioner Knight with a royal secret that could blow England apart.

She’s the last of the bloodlines from the High Kings of Ireland.

Between the two of them, they have more royal blood in them than anyone alive, but royal blood can be far more of a curse and far less of a privilege when dealing with secrets that could bring down a kingdom.

And destroy a love that was never supposed to happen.

Tristan de Royans was raised by the House of de Royans (Lord of Winter), but de Royans blood does not flow through his veins. As the secret love child of Alys of France and Henry II, Tristan has been kept hidden since the day of his birth. Aware of his true parentage, he bears the shield of the royal house in the course of his duties, hating that he bears the crimson shield of his real family.

A family that wants to kill him.

William Marshal has kept Tristan protected all these years. Having fostered in the best homes, Tristan is a knight’s knight – a warrior beyond compare. The Marshal has need of Tristan’s strength in Wales, protecting properties belonging to Ajax de Velt, but before Tristan can assume his post, a chance meeting changes the course of his life.

Enter Diara de Coursey.

Diara is as unique as Tristan is. Her maternal grandfather is the last Norse-Gaelic king of Dublin, Ascall mac Ragnaill, and much like Tristan, royal blood was a curse. Pursued by her grandfather’s enemies, she was sent into hiding a long time ago with an Irish-Norman family who changed her name. As it turned out, King John wanted to use her as a bargaining chip when the time was right, but when he died, his ambition to utilize her died with him. Now, Diara is little more than a servant in a Norman house, hidden from the world. Her future seems bleak.

Until she meets Tristan.

The hardened Plantagenet warrior is immediately smitten with the beautiful woman with the pale blue eyes. With her bloodlines, and his, they could effectively rule nations if they were to join forces, but in their case, the relationship they form is born from love… not conquest.

But there are those who seek to use Diara in just that manner. Conquest.

Join Tristan and Diara in an adventure of a lifetime, where a love that was never meant to be suddenly becomes the very air they breathe. As factions endeavor to tear them apart, a love for the ages refuses to die. Tristan must bring out the king in him to survive.

And Diara must bring out the queen.

Love, as they discover, is the strongest force on earth.


(more platforms to come!)

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