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The Executioner Knights are back for Pre-Order!

Finally – Kevin de Lara is having his story told in LORD OF THE SKY!

As Sean de Lara’s little brother, we first met Kevin in Archangel as a sidekick to the hero, Gart Forbes. That was our first glimpse, but years later, Kevin is an agent for William Marshal and a knight who has come into his own. We’ve seen him in all of the Executioner Knights stories so far, including the most recent one, A Time of End – and he had some emotional interactions with his brother, whom he both loves and disapproves of.  The de Lara brothers don’t exactly get along, and Kevin is a complex character.

Now, he’s on the Welsh borders as part of the de Lara empire (and still part of the Marshal’s stable), and he has quite an adventure of his own. Don’t miss this emotionally charged tale, coming July 23, 2020!