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The Scorpion Saga

Wow….has SCORPION  been a saga and it hasn’t even been released yet!

Issue #1 – Amazon arbitrarily removed the cover and it took me two days to find out why. This was about a week after it was put up for pre-order.  Ultimately, it was because someone at the ‘Zon thought the cover was ‘blurry’. Fixed it, cover back up, everybody is happy. Initially, I though it might be because Amazon considered that the cover had a bit too much ‘man flesh’, but that was not the case, thankfully. Cover back up. All is well. So I thought…

Issue #2 – On Monday, I noticed that the page link for Scorpion on Amazon said “page not available’. Hmmmmm… I contacted Author Central. Meanwhile, not only is the page gone, but the book vanished from all of the lists. Rankings were gone. Lists were gone. Momentum was shot. I freaked! It took Amazon almost 18 hours to fix it and, to date, I’ve had no explanation on what actually happened. Not that I really care, because the book is up again, but Holy Cow!! This poor little book is all about drama and it hasn’t even been released!

As of this writing, on Tuesday night 5/26, all is quite on the Amazon front. Book is regaining some momentum and I’m at peace with it. Fortunately, I think this will all be worth it because this is turning out to be one hell of a book. Great, and unexpected, storyline. You’re really not going to want to miss it. So please pre-order your copy before something ELSE happens and it disappears! (knock on wood!!).

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